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Millions of households across the UK are paying too much for their energy. In 2017, industry regulator Ofgem found that an astonishing 58% of households have never switched energy provider, or have only switched once. This is even more surprising when you consider how much energy prices have risen.

So why is this? We believe it’s down to a mix of perceived hassle, disbelief over the savings to be made and a pessimistic view that all suppliers are the same, so there’s no point switching.

In reality, it has never been simpler or more cost-effective to switch energy suppliers; you could save literally hundreds of pounds in just 10 minutes. Here’s our easy-to-follow guide.


Step 1: Tell us your postcode

Energy tariffs vary from region to region, so we need to know where you live in order to give you accurate prices.


Step 2: Tell us about your current supplier(s)

If you’ve got a recent bill to hand, great. Don’t worry if not though, we can still give you a comparison. We just need to know simple things such as who your supplier is, which tariff/plan you’re on and how much energy you use.

For the most accurate comparison, take the usage from your bill and enter it into the kWh section of page. If you don’t have a bill to hand, you could tell us how much you spend per month.  If you don’t know that either, we’ve provided an estimator based on questions such as how many bedrooms you have. 


Step 3: Tell us which kind of tariff you’d like

You can decide which sorts of tariffs you'd like to see in your comparison. We recommend viewing Monthly Direct Debit tariffs, as they are the ones that offer the best prices. We also recommend that you choose to show all tariff types initially, so that you get the full picture over what’s available.

If you want something specific such as a fixed or variable tariff, or a green/renewable tariff, you can filter by those too.

(Look out for the service ratings and our handy tips on the left of the page). 


Step 4: Choose the right deal for you

We say “the right deal for you” as what’s right for one person is often different to the next. Do you want to switch away from the Big Six? Does customer service matter to you? Do you want a green tariff? Fixed or variable? Or perhaps you just want to save as much money as possible.

Everyone is catered for with our comprehensive comparisons. We’re independent, and are not tied to anyone - we show results from every UK supplier.

Once you find the right deal, simply click through to view your tariff’s full details. If you’re happy, click through again and you’re just a couple of minutes away from switching and starting to enjoy the savings!

(By the way, if we can’t save you any money at the moment, register for our Price Watch service and we’ll watch the market for you. As soon as you can make a saving, we’ll let you know).


Step 5: Switch and start saving

We need a few more simple details from you to start the switching process.

This information is sent to your new supplier who will arrange the switch. We’ll send you an email confirming that the switch is being processed and with details of who to contact with any questions. You are also welcome to contact one of our helpful, knowledgeable team at any point.

The switching process requires you to do very little. Within a month, you’ll be given a supply transfer date by your new supplier. On this day, you’ll just need to take a meter reading and send it to your new supplier. They’ll pass it to your old supplier, so they can issue you with a final bill or refund if you’re in credit with them. There shouldn’t be any need for you to contact your old supplier whatsoever.

There won’t be any interruption to your supply, no one will need to visit your house and there’s no need to change any meters, wires or pipes. The whole process has been greatly simplified to allow us all to shop around for energy regularly and switch as often as we like.


Price Watch

Make sure you sign up for our Price Watch service, even if you make great savings with this switch. You’re probably aware from media coverage that the energy industry changes all the time, with new tariffs coming onto the market every week. Once registered, we’ll keep an eye on the market for you and let you know as soon as you should switch again and save even more. It costs nothing to register and saves you remembering to carry out comparisons in the future.


Get a comparison today and you could save up to £497*

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